The Center for Urban Families uses data and qualitative feedback gathered through its program assessments to inform key decision makers, legislators, and other influential leaders on the impact of larger policy decisions on low-income workers, families and communities.


  • Galvanize clients, policy makers, community members, stakeholders, and local leaders through a forum for open exchange and dialogue
  • Empower CFUF clients and local communities through grassroots outreach efforts and increased access to resources
  • Educate CFUF stakeholders and the larger community through a multipronged strategy for policy awareness
  • Contribute to the positive development and greater capacity of the human services field by fostering greater awareness and sharing best practices



  • Community Conversation Series. CFUF's primary (and longest established) policy forum is the Community Conversations Series, a tool used to bridge gaps between policy and practice by galvanizing practitioners, policy makers, researchers, community leaders and concerned citizens around public policy issues of particular impact for and interest to our client base.
  • The Urban Families Report. A regular publication tied to issues identified through the Community Conversation Series. Designed to provide an in depth view of relevant policy through the lens of our clients and the larger community.
  • Table Talk. A smaller focus-group format designed to engage CFUF clients and program graduates.
  • Legislative Process Involvement
  • Client Educational/Civic Awareness Workshops & Informational Campaigns


For more information, or to get involved, contact:


Dr. Sophia Ward
Vice President of Programs
Call: 410.367.5691


CFUF's work in advocacy also extends nationally through the work of CEO Joe Jones as an advisor to the Obama Administration and several federal agencies, including the Office of Child Support Enforcement.

CFUF additionally serves in an advisory role to state and local agencies including the Maryland Department of Human Resources and the Baltimore City Office of Child Support Enforcement.

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